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Clarence Tsui of The Hollywood Reporter wrote, "Bolstered by Yuen Woo-ping's exhilarating action choreography and some stunt casting in the shape of Mike Tyson and Zhang Jin (the breakout star in Wong Kar-wai's rival Ip Man biopic The Grandmaster), Yen and Yip have managed to wring a serviceable film out of a pedestrian plot riddled with erroneous period details." Tsui called it "a fitfully effective finale to the franchise."[34] James Marsh of Screen International stated, "Ip Man 3 trades the crowd-pleasing intensity of its predecessors for a more introspective portrait of its central character." However, Marsh added, "Yen has always portrayed Ip Man as a modest beacon of calm and restraint, which has added to the enigmatic nature of the character, but he struggles here when called upon to express grander emotions. It is the third in the Ip Man film series based on the life of the Wing Chun grandmaster Yip Man and features Donnie Yen reprising the title role. Retrieved 6 April 2015. 21 December 2015. 23 March 2012. ^ Mark Kermode. Vaughn, Jack (1986). Retrieved 22 December 2015. Lik, Ip's oldest student, develops a crush on Miss Wong, but the latter promptly rejects his advances. Ip seeks help from Sergeant "Fat Po", a close friend of his and a local police detective. "To state it in no uncertain terms, BLE intends to seek all remedies available to it to stop Pegasus from including the computer-generated version of Bruce Lee in Ip Man 3," he added. .. New Strait Times.


Ip Man 3 Blu-ray was released on 10 March 2016 in Hong Kong[42] and on 25 April 2016 in United Kingdom.[43]. Donnie Yen has mentioned in an interview that this is specially choreographed to express the idea that despite having the same techniques in Wing Chun, a fighter's own characteristics and aggression will result in different execution of the same moves.[12]. "'Ip Man 3': A messy patchwork of stitched-together plotlines". Maniac World. Retrieved 19 June 2016. Adapted from Metacritic:[6]. Other than being known as an action star, Bruce Lee was National Cha Cha Champion in Hong Kong in 1958. Frank challenges Ip to a three-minute fightif Ip can withstand his fists for three minutes, he would leave the school, Ip, and his family alone, a challenge that Ip accepts. 21 March 2013. As an apology, the Ip family invite Cheung Fung to their home for dinner. Cheung's victory seems certain, but Ip evades Cheung's following hits with his hearing, and counters Cheung with a one-inch punch, despite not being able to see. v t e Films directed by Wilson Yip Mongkok Story (1996) Bio Zombie (1998) Bullets Over Summer (1999) 2002 (2001) The Mummy, Aged 19 (2002) The White Dragon (2004) SPL: Sha Po Lang (2005) Dragon Tiger Gate (2006) Flash Point (2007) Ip Man (2008) Ip Man 2 (2010) A Chinese Ghost Story (2011) Magic to Win (2011) Triumph in the Skies (2015) Ip Man 3 (2015) Paradox (TBD) . Upon learning that his son was also kidnapped, Cheung arrives, picks him up, and promptly leaves; but after his son tells him that "his friends are still there", he returns and fights alongside Ip. "Ipman3 wrapped yesterday!! I want to thank you to everyone in front and behind the camera, this awesome film couldn't had accomplished without any single one of u!". Development[edit]. 8 March 2010. 25 April 2016. cb1d4b00c6

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